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Career Achievements
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Experience Summary

·30 years teaching experience of ethics at McGill University
·20 years of pioneering bioethical teaching in Bioethics to students of dentistry
·30 years of clinical practice experience
·15 years university administrative experience
·15 years community activist experience
·15 years community relations experience with radio, television and the written press
·10 years political experience
·15 years fund raising experience
· 6 years directorship experience of Residency program
· 5 years University Ombudsman

Recent Professional Experience


1990-1992 Montreal, Canada
In 1990 I was able to save the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry from closure through public relations, political and fund raising effort. I accomplished this as a volunteer after seeing the injustice of the proposed closure of the faculty, as chairman of a self established committee to save it. The faculty now thrives as one of the best equipped most respected institutions in the world. This experience allowed me to create and achieve a vision of health care education that extends well into the next century.

1999 Montreal, Canada
In 1999 I created and built the first accredited dental residency program for McGill University in a community based rather than hospital based environment. This program is now in its third year of operation and is the first of its kind in the world. It offers health care at reduced rates to the community as well as providing a highly sought after educational experience for highly qualified newly graduated dentists.

International 1976-

I have been involved in teaching since a year after graduation from dental school. First as a part time Faculty Lecturer at the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry, and then beginning in 1991 as an Assistant Professor. I have taught Prosthodontics, but my particular specialty and love is the field of Bioethics. I began a Bioethics course for the Faculty approximately 15 years ago. This was the first of its kind in Canada and has now become a course spanning all four years of education for undergraduate students of the Faculty. Courses in Bioethics are now required for accreditation of all Canadian dental schools and proficiency in bioethical issues have now become requirements for licensure in most Canadian provinces.

I developed interactive and allegorical methods for the teaching of this discipline. I have lectured on this topic at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Connecticut to undergraduate students and have made presentations internationally to members of the dental profession in Albania and Israel.

This has contributed extensively to the introspective qualities of my students and has allowed me to gain invaluable data on the differing cultural points of view of this topic.
It has always been a great joy for me to teach this program and has contributed extensively to my own growth and evolution. I have had excellent feedback from my students.

Media Experience
Montreal. Canada

I have always loved the media. As a university student, I was an announcer for the campus radio station, which broadcasted to the general community. I have been on both radio and television as an expert on dental technological issues but my principal experience was during the years 1990-1993 where I was frequently interviewed regarding my efforts to save the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry from closure. I possess an excellent radio voice and have honed my skills on my experiences as a musician during my teens, 20’s and 30’s when I frequently sang in front of audiences. I often do not require a script or preparation as I can quickly articulate my thoughts. I feel my talents would be well suited in hosting a show both on radio or television.

I am a columnist for two local newspapers and am equally able to express myself using the written word.



Highlights of Qualifications
·E. P. Taylor laureate for outstanding service as chairman of the committee to Save the McGill Dental School from closure presented by McGill University, September 1994
·Special Service Award for service to McGill University Faculty of Dentistry, Alpha Omega Fraternity 1991
·Special Award for service to McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry- Dental Student’s Society, McGill University 1991
·Award for fundraising, McGill University 1991
·Publications pending on biomedical ethics
·Fellow of Academy of Dentistry International 1995-
·Founder, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry Outreach Program
·Designer, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry Travelling Community and Alumni Relations program
·Founding Editor and Contributor of McGill University Faculty of Dentistry Newsletter
·Columnist for The Suburban Newspaper 2000-
·Fellow, American College of Dentists 2001-

Professional Experience
· Private Practice of Dental Surgery in Montreal, Quebec. 1975-present
· Dental Resident, St. Mary's Hospital, Montreal, Quebec 1974-1975

Teaching Experience
·Faculty Lecturer, McGill University Faculty of Dentistry 1975-1991
·Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry. 1991-
·Assistant professor of Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence McGill University, Faculty of   Dentistry. 1991-
·Lectured internationally on Biomedical Ethics.

Administrative Experience
·Member of Executive Committee, Faculty of Dentistry 1995-
·Member of Special Advisory Committee to the Dean, Faculty of Dentistry.
·Assistant Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University 1995-1998
·Director, Community Relations, Faculty of Dentistry McGill University 1998-present
·Elected Senator 3rd term McGill University 1998-2005
·Director, Multidisciplinary Residency Program, Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry 1999-2004
·Member, Board of Directors, Queen Elizabeth Health Complex 2000-03
·Ombudsperson for Students McGill University 2003-2008

Organizational Memberships
·Order of Dentists of the Province of Quebec
·Association of Dental Surgeons of the Province of Quebec
·Canadian Dental Association
·Canadian Academy of Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry
·Academy of General Dentistry.
·Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity
·Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
·Board of Directors Montreal Memorial Holocaust Center
·Fellow American College of Dentists

·Bachelor of Science, McGill University, 1970
·Doctor of Dental Surgery, McGill University, 1974

Articles Published About Me

October, 2004
"Mediating McGill" - Hana Askren. McGill Tribune.
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September 23, 1999
"Dentists for the Queen Elizabeth" - Bronwyn Chester. McGill Reporter.
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October 16, 1992
"Plan to close dental school generates a windfall" - Kate Dunn. The Montreal Gazette.
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